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American Kestrel


Pint sized predator about robin size

Sexually dimorphic with males having a grey coloring on the wings

and females having more spots on their chest and barring on tail.

Hunting Style

Hover hunting over prey such as bugs and small rodents.



Active during the day.

Solitary hunters

Males will brood eggs as well as females.

Fun Facts

Also called Sparrow Hawks because they will hunt other birds at times.

Very feisty for their size.

Males and females have their distinctive coloration as juveniles.

American Kestrel Decline:  What you can do to help.

Join the American Kestrel Partnership.  Help to place nest boxes for these awesome birds and join in on the research and conservation.  NIRRE has a kit that includes nest boxes and information on how to get started.  Email us for more information.

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