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The Raptor Sponsorship Program


The sponsorship program is a great way for the general public to get involved with wildlife rehabilitation.  By sponsoring one of our ambassadors you are helping the NIRRE to not only care for these animals but to help with the continuing educational programs, and future rehabilitation. 


If you would like to sponsor a  bird, $50.00 will sponsor one raptor for one year.

You or your group will receive this following things and more:

  • A photo of your bird(s) with sponsorship cerfiticate(s)

  • An information sheet on your sponsored birds(s)!

  • All Bird Sponsorship - One hour educational presentation with all the raptors as well as all of the above. Ask for a brochure regarding educational programs offered.

  • For an additional $20 we will include Stan Tekiela's new guidebook called "Birds of Prey of the Midwest" (our Northern Harrier, Marshall, is in this book on page 89!)

Instructions: If you would like to sponsor a raptor(s), please print out our online form, fill out it correctly and send it back to the address provided.

Alternatively if you want to donate money in general you can send a donation check or click on our paypal button and donate there.



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