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The Raptor Sponsorship Program


The sponsorship program is a great way for the general public to get involved with wildlife rehabilitation.  By sponsoring one of our ambassadors you are helping the NIRRE to not only care for these animals but to help with the continuing educational programs, and future rehabilitation. 


If you would like to sponsor a bird, $50.00 will sponsor one raptor for one year.
If you would like to sponsor all birds, $300.00 will sponsor all birds for one year.

You or your group will receive this following things and more:

  • A photo of your bird(s) with sponsorship cerfiticate(s)

  • An information sheet on your sponsored birds(s)!

  • All Bird Sponsorship - One hour educational presentation with all the raptors as well as all of the above. Ask for a brochure regarding educational programs offered.

  • For an additional $20 we will include Stan Tekiela's new guidebook called "Birds of Prey of the Midwest" (our Northern Harrier, Marshall, is in this book on page 89!)

Instructions: If you would like to sponsor a raptor(s), please print out our online form, fill out it correctly and send it back to the address provided.

Alternatively if you want to donate money in general you can send a donation check or click on our paypal button and donate there.


Our Ambassadors

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Male Northern Harrier - Resuced 1997

The Northern Harrier or Marsh Hawk is on the Endangered Species List in Illinois.  This bird came from Utah.  He had some kind of collision we were told was a tractor.  He sustained a fracture in his right wing just above the elbow and because of this has a frozen wing at the elbow.  Limited flight.


Female Peregrine Falcon - Retired Falonry Bird 2008

This falcon was used to hunt duck, pheasant and pigeons.  She had foot problems when she was a hunting bird and did not have foot problems when she was not hunting.  Fully flighted.


Female Merlin Falcon - Rescued 2009

This falcon came from Tennessee.  She was hit by a vehicle sustaining severe nerve damage to her right wing and cracked beak.  Flight is extremely limited.


Male Cooper's Hawk - Rescued 2008

This was a 1st year hawk when rescued.  He was flying through the trees and struck his wing on a branch and sustained a broken wing.  The wing was treated; however, the musculature, ligaments and tendons pulled the fracture line apart so it would not heal in anatomic alignment.  Limited flight.  Great foster dad!



Female Cooper's Hawk - Rescued 2011

Imprinted.  Does not know she is a Cooper's Hawk so can never be released back to the wild.  Fully flighted.

2 Toes

Male American Kestrel - Rescued 2006

Was electocuted in Utah around the Salt Lake City area.  Has amputations of wing at the wrist and 2 of his toes.  Flight very limited.  Fantastic foster dad!


Female American Kestrel - Rescued 2009

Came from Florida.  Raised as a program bird.  Imprinted so can never be released back to the wild.  Fully flighted.


Male Red-Tailed Hawk - Rescued 2002

This bird was being chased by a Cooper's Hawk across a busy highway and slammed into the side of a van sustaining major head trauma and broken leg.  The leg healed micely, but he is neurologically challenged and blind in one eye because of the head trauma.  Fully flighted but due to neurologic issues has some trouble navigating. 


Male Red-Tailed Hawk - Rescued 2012

Gunshot victim by rifle.  Nonflighted.


Female Red-Tailed Hawk - Rescued 2005

Found in a cemetery in Pecatonica, IL.  Has the same fracture as Sky but opposite wing.  Fracture was in the humerus bone and had already stared to heal in the wrong place resulting in a droopy wing.  Limited flight approximately 20 feet.


Male Eastern Screech Owl - Rescued 2017

Gray phase.  Blind in Right eye.



Female Norther Saw-whet Owl - Resuced 2009

this little owl came from WI.  She was hit by a vehicle and sustained severe nerve damage in her left wing rendering her completely flightless.


Female Barn Owl - Education Bird 2010

Imprinted on purpose to be used for educations purposes.  Came from a breeding program in NY and purchased by a falconer to use as an educatinos bird.  Fully Flighted.

Female Barred Owl - Rescued 2004

Imprinted.  Does not know she is a Barred Owl so can never be released back to the wild.  Fully flighted.

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