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Wish List

Urgently needed items

  • Donation for an ICU unit or an ICU unit, large enough for eagles, to help treat our raptor patients

  • Land - 20 acres or more to build an open to the public, totally "green" raptor/bird sanctuary/environmental center (added bonus would be buildings and house already on property).  We would like to restore the land to its natural, original habitat if not already there. 

  • Corporate sponsors

  • Small covered trailer

Needed items

  • Stainless steel veterinary cages

  • 100 gallon or more propane tank

  • Simply Green and Dawn dishwashing soap

  • Daisy mat for perches, etc

  • Eco friendly laundry soap for bird laundry

  • Paper Towels

  • Color copier or new printer that does everything

  • Latex or non-latex gloves

  • Gallon freezer bags

  • Gas cards

  • Gift cards to Menards, Home Depot, & Lowes

  • Gift cards to Office Max

  • Incubator for avian species

  • Brooder for avian species

  • Pumpkins for raptor enrichment

  • New laptop computer

  • New or slightly used Sprinter passenger van or regular passenger van for not only transferring our ambassadors to outreach education programs and festivals but also to rescue and treat injured birds in the field and save more lives with on-board equipment 

  • Electric heated power washer for indoor cleaning

  • Garage flooring for easy cleaning 

Raptor food and vitamin needs

  • Cash donations for food

  • Live grasshoppers, mealworms (we keep a colony of mealworms for our Screech Owls and American Kestrels), and crickets

  • Cash donations for vitamin supplement Raptor Boost from ProVital

  • New energy efficient 14-foot chest freezer and 8-foot chest freezer

  • New commercial size energy efficient refigerator and apartment size refrigerator

Talented and Creative Volunteers (only afternoons and weekends during spring, summer and fall)

  • Talented artists for painting displays, scenes, static displays, perch displays, etc

  • General carpentry for building shelter boxes, tables, perches, box carriers. etc

  • Maintenance on perches, netting, screens, etc

  • General painting

  • Volunteers needed for cleaning cages, carriers, rugs, do bird laundry, etc 

  • Planting

  • Transporting rescued birds to NIRRE (after being trained in proper handling)

  • Maintain mealworm and cricket colonies


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