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(Birds of Prey)

There are several ways to define a bird of prey however they are truly distinguished by how they catch and kill their prey.  "Birds of Prey use the sharp talons of their feet as their primary method of killing their prey, whereas other carnivorous birds tend to use only their beaks."  - Birds, Capturing the Wild Spirit of These Birds of Prey by Paul D Frost.

Although sometimes they get put into the same group as raptors because of their keen eyesight and hearing, vultures are not considered birds of prey and are more closely related to storks.  One thing all Raptors have in common is exceptional eye sight.  Their sense of sight is up to 10 times better than humans.  They also have a great sense of hearing, especially the owls. 

This website will focus on the Native Raptors and Vultures of Illinois and a few birds who visit.  These birds include:

Learn more information on these groups of animals and the specific species by clicking on the links above.  You will also be able to view galaries of individual species from egg to adult to help identify birds you may have seen in the wild.  If you would like an animal identified and the pictures are not helping feel free to contact us.

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