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Rehbilitation and Release

Once an animal has been resuced and brought to a rehabilitator there are several steps before it can be released.










The animal is first looked over, accessed for injuries, and stabalized. Rehabilitators are trained and certified to handle most emergencies.  They also have a veterinarian on call if there is surgery or more complicated procedures needed such as labwork and other diagnostics. 












Once the animal is stabalized, it is put into an enclosure appropriate to help the animal heal.  In the case of a broken bone the enclosure is smaller to help keep the animal from further injuring itself.  If it is a young bird who just needs a few days to learn how to fly it's put into a larger cage. 

During this time of healing NIRRE specialized in homeopathic treatment, T-Touch, (, and other natural remedies.


The animal is then provided with food, and space to allow it to heal and build it's strength back up.  Once the animal is strong enough and healthy enough it will be released back out into the wild.  Where and how it is released depends on the species and the time of year. 


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